Matthew Metzger, Ph.D.  specializes in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Substance Use, Developmental Concerns, Life Transitions, and Stress Management.  


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​Bianca Boegel, LMFT, specializes in the treatment of Personal Growth, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Life Meaning, Relationship Difficulties, and  Communication Difficulties.​

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Max Garlick, Ph.D. specializes in the treatment of Communication Difficulties, Substance Use and Addictions, Relationship Difficulties, Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Spiritual Concerns, and Life Transitions.

Thank you for visiting our site. Wellspring Psychology is a group practice of mental health professionals in Los Gatos, CA.

We provide individual, couples, and family therapy. The diversity of our clinicians enables us to treat a wide variety of clients and life challenges. Most of our clinicians are accepting new clients. Please view our clinicians below and feel free to directly contact the therapist of your choice.

Amanda Velazquez, LMFT, specializes in the treatment of ​Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Relationship Difficulties, Spiritual Concerns, and Self Esteem/Personal Growth.

Sandy Liou, LMFT specializes in the treatment of ​Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Aging, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Relationship Challenges, Addictions, Anger, and Stress Management.

Josh Maddox, Ph.D. specializes in the treatment of Life Transitions, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Relationship Difficulties, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Substance Use, Spiritual Concerns, and Trauma.

Shaylin Maddox, LMFT specializes in mindfulness based psychotherapy in the treatment of Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Relationship Difficulties, Challenges Related to Illness and Aging, Substance Use, Stress Management, and Life Transitions.